The HEBRAIC SYSTEM OF SOUND has enabled the instrumentalist, vocalist and composers, of The Hebrew Israelite community, to develop a variety of Hebrew text into melodic and rhythmic forms for the enhancement of their lifestyle, physical and spiritual balance and environmental well being.

The application of how and what these sound constructs are used for, vary, but none the less they represent only a small portion of material developed to enhance their social and belief system. These concepts do not represent a, or any other “religious” idea, but spirituality as a social reality.


1. Psalms 119-One Hundred and Seventy Six Sacred Hebrew Melodies
2. The Great Commandment: The Shmah
3. The Ten Commandments.
4. Raising and Lowering of the Ark( All of the essential prayers of Jerusalem).
5. The Lords Prayer.
6. The 72 Names of יה.
7. The names of the twelve tribes of Israel( tribal rhythms and tonal constructs).
8. The names of the holy days.
9. The 7 attributes of the Lord.
10. The names of all the biblical patriarchs.
11. Psalms 15
12. The Nine emanatoins of the Genesis creational process.
13. Hebrew names.
14. Name prayers( The concept of deriving a prayer to a word or name by using Psalms 119 as the source).
15. Words of power.