“The Hebrew Bible is thus the product of a Semitic/Edenic culture which has mastered the fundamentals of music and mathematics a thousand years and more before its oldest pages were written.” – THE MYTH OF INVARIANCE, Ernest G. McClain


The extensive harmonical allegories of the Jews, whose parallel forms infuse the Bible with related musical implication from the first page of Genesis to the last page of Revelations.” – MUSICAL THEORY AND ANCIENT COSMOLOGY – Ernest G. McClain



Created by Elihu Ben Naseek Avidon



The Hebrew alphabet (ending forms included) with their numerical values is correlated to the chromatic scale.

The 12 tone-system is based on the cycles of seasons, months (time) and cosmological cycles.

The tonal (scales/melody) and rhythmic (drum patterns) forms derived from this chart represent the spirit of the subject be it a word or phrase.

“It is never by its external forms that music exercises its own true power; it is not even by the elements which serve to develop these forms; it is by means of the principles that constitute them.” – THE SECRET – LORE OF MUSIC – Fabre d’ Olivet