“And Yah said, let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night and let them be for signs and for seasons, and for days and for years.” – Genesis Ch 1:14

This scripture, in context of the creational process, show how the Creator instituted time standards.  These standards of time can be and have been used as standards for tuning.  Ex. Cycles per second

The movement of the sun, moon and stars is the new reference for the measuring of time, but if we think inversely we are really talking about the movement of the Earth.

“Whenever a system that can vibrate with a certain frequency is acted upon from the outside by a periodic disturbance that has the same frequency, vibrations of large amplitude can be produced in the system.  This situation is called resonation.” – The Acoustical Foundation of Music, John Backus

Therefore the Hebraic System of Sound incorporates a standard of tuning designed in “resonate” with the planet Earth.  By using the Earths equatorial year (the time it takes for the Earth’s equator to complete one cycle around the Sun.) we can determine the frequency of the Earth.  From this frequency, a new tuning frequency in Hebrew “aleph”“mem” (in English the tone is referred to as A) will given.

We in actuality want to use the composition from the Hebraic System of Sound as the “outside” source to resonate with the frequency of the Earth.

The Earth Tone and New Tuning Standard

The two Earth tuning standards represent different forms of energy being created and projected for the specific purpose of HARMONY. The 432 vib/sec represents the desire for external environmental HARMONY, while 423vib/sec represents the desire for internal (bodily) HARMONY.

The two tuning standards address the spiritual as well as physical aspects of both realms, external environment and internal environment. The establishing of these tuning standards are in accordance in recognizing the shared vibrational dynamics of the earth and the human body. Both are 75% water and are comprised of the same minerals. In Hebrew it is the relationship of אדמה and אדמ.

Earth Tuning and Reference Tone

1 / time = frequency

1/ 365.2422 days (equatorial year) = 2.737909265 -03

2.737909265 –03 x 2(0ctave law/13xs) = 22.42895262

22.42895262 vibrations /second is in Hebrew yohd-sheen or in English F sharp.


So what is the relative A or aleph-mem?   The mathematical formula to find the relative aleph-mem/A is as follows;


The ratio for F sharp/ A, or aleph-mem/ yohd-sheen is   19683: 8192

22.42895262 x 19683 / 8192 = 53.89026787


This is the frequency of aleph/mem or A in English.

53.89026787 x 2(0ctave law/ 3xs) = 431.122143


Thus the new tuning standard for aleph/mem or the English A is 431.122143


Earth Circumference Tuning

  • Earth circumference 24,741.81miles.
  • 1 / 24,741.81= 4.041741480 -05
  • 4.041741480 -05 x 2 (19xs) = 21.19036562 or the tone F , in Hebrew טש.
  • 21.19036562 x 5 / 4 = 26.48795703 as a relative A or in Hebrew אמ. 5:4 is ratio for the distance from F to A.
  • 26.48795703 x 2(4xs) = 423.8073124 (424). The tone of the planet earth according to its circumference spin is טש at 21.19036562 vib./sec.
  • The tuning is according to A or אמ being 423.8073124 or 423 vib/sec.

The Genesis Harmonic Series

The seven days in the Genesis creational process represent the first seven partials of a harmonic series. The 7th partial is the first “out of tune” frequency of the series, thus we have the “shabaht”. According to Hebrew thought there is a relationship between all that is created with that which created it and that which keeps it in a state of consistency, Divine law, Divine communication or “The Holy Spirit”.

The understanding of a 3 element relationship (Creator, the creation, the connection between to two, The Holy Spirit) is from where we derive the value of the fundamental of the Genesis harmonic series, 3 or 3 vib/sec.

Thus progressing up the series we find both the values for the tuning standards we have already calculated, 423 and 432. 423 being the 141th partial and 432 being the 144th partial.